Quick Reference Guide

  Blue/Silver Series Platinum Series
Blue Silver Platinum Platinum
Benefit Period 2 years 5 years 1,2, 3 or 5 Years
Monthly Benefit
$500 to $6.000 $500 to $15,000
Replacement Ratio Up to 50% for classes A & B

Up to 60% for AAA & AA

Up to 60%
Disability Due to Sickness, Mental or nervous disorders Non – Graded Graded
33% – 66% – 100%
40% – 75% – 100%
Disability Due to Injury Non- Graded Graded
33% – 66% – 100%
40% – 75% – 100%
Presumptive Disability NA Yes
Definition of Disability Own Occupation for 24 months Own Occupation for full benefit period
Mental or Nervous Disorders 50% monthly benefit due to injury or sickness limit to 6 months

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Platinum Plus Group SD-28 / Policy Form No. M-4021; Platinum Plus Individual SD-29 / Policy Form No. M-4022; Platinum/Silver Group DI-139C & DI-139D / Policy Form No. M-4004; Platinum/Silver Individual SD-16 & SD-17 / Policy Form No. M-4012 /Policy Form No: M-00167/ Platinum eZ-Select Group SD-32, SD-33 / Policy Form No. M-4024; Platinum eZ-Select Individual SD-34 & SD-35 / Policy Form No. M-4025; Blue Group DI-141A; Blue Individual SD-18 & SD-19.