There has never been an easier way to handle non-standard Disability cases

Why waste resources on non-standard DI? Turn to the specialists !

  • THE PROBLEM: At Risk Insurance and reinsurance solutions we understand the resource issues standard DI carriers face when they need to staff up to handle non-standard cases. Challenging underwriting guidelines and difficult-to-find underwriting expertise are just some of the challenges DI carriers face in order to service their customers and distribution networks.The difficulties are often compounded by the fact that  non-standard DI markets offer no economies of scale and have limited long term strategic value.
  • THE SOLUTION: Risk has built up over its 20 years of operations: scale, expertise and processes to serve that specific and specialized market. Risk’s program for the Standard DI carrier offers a unique opportunity to streamline your operations and partner with Risk to place non-standard cases. Call us today to find out more about our programs for Standard DI carriers.
  • THE BENEFIT: Obviously you are looking for someone who has the expertise, scale and internal capabilities to handle non-standard DI cases but you also want to interface with a company that will not compete with you. At Risk we are uniquely focused on non-standard market: WE DO NOT COMPETE WITH YOU. Several large DI carriers are already sending us their cases with confidence and trust.

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